About Us

Who we are?

Live Art Advertising and KSI
Integrated advertising agency in one place
We provide high quality creative solutions and services
With a unique feeling and superior elegance
Our services help you grow your business
We have a team that combines professionalism and expertise
We strive to best place your product or service in the hands of the consumer
We have studios and audio equipment to design the best advertisements and products
Production and broadcast of TV ads with the latest tools and cameras
And creative ideas attractive to the viewer's eye
We do motion graphics ads
We manufacture Facades for Commercial projects & building
Manufacture and installation of all types of outdoor and inndoor signs

Why Us?

The reasons for success are many for any company
But in our case, we can say that our success comes from satisfaction of our customers
Time: We always say that time is money
We also believe in this: We respect our delivery system, to meet deadlines
We put it in your hands
25 years of experience
+1000 satisfied customers
+500 ad campaigns
+300 successful projects
We are here to help you reach your dream
Our sense of quality and flexibility with creativity and precision
Quality: We guarantee quality by maintaining an audit program of quality control and production accuracy
Flexibility: Our team has talent and creativity in developing ideas, achieving the required flexibility

Saving Time

Save your time and get the latest great designs for your business

Credibility and Reliability

Our motto We will not sell you anything you do not need, Real and honest reports

Saving Money

You will save money because you will pay for real quality

Creative Team

We have a team of experts to help you meet your requirements

Fast Technical Support

Our technical support team has over 25 years of experience

Quality and Speed

With us, you will find your website 10 times faster than competitors' websites

Our clients more than + 1000 customers

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We approach our work with
a unique sense of style and
superior quality. 

TEL : +202 371610121
MoB: +201 222138991
MoB: +201 114277755